Is Derek Fisher getting the last laugh?!?!

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Fresh Cuts, NBA, Sports
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Last night, the 16-year NBA veteran defeated his former team that surprisingly traded him to the Houston Rockets on march 16th for the former lottery pick, Jordan Hill.

But let’s face it leading up to the trading deadline and last years early playoff exit, Fisher was displaying his lack of youth being 37 years old. So the Los Angeles Laker’s plans for the future were to bring in more youth by trading for Ramon Sessions and Jordan Hill. On paper, yes these moves were much needed and made alot of sense. But what intangibles were the Lakers giving up by trading away their former captain and NBPA president.

As we all know, Derrick Fisher is a ideal model of an NBA professional off the court and a mature voice of reason in the locker room. Plus, Who have the lakers leaned on to intervene when Kobe Bryant begins another public beef with teammates? Not having Fisher’s leadership during the 2012 playoff run definitely hurt the Lakers and contributed to chemistry on the court.

What about Fisher’s playoff experience? The lakers traded for two players that have no playoff experience. Fisher has already won 5 NBA championships while averaging 8.9 points per game and making 40.3% beyond the arc in the playoffs.

Even though, Derrick Fisher may have looked old, a half step slow and at times a defensive liability. He was still an asset to the lakers. For the lakers to let him go obviously hurt them in more ways then one.

Moreover, to win the Western conference championship you must beat the lakers. The Oklahoma City Thunder organization isn’t stupid. At some point in the playoffs they knew that they had to face the Lakers. And who knows the Lakers new playbook installed by Mike Brown and staff? Derrick Fisher, duhhh!!!

Clearly, the lakers had no answer for the void of losing Derrick Fisher. But Mitch Kupchak and Dr. Buss better hope that there’s no hard feelings in hope of resigning their former old captain before the 2013 season.

Then again, the lakers wanted Ramon Sessions…lol

  1. Great post, after the Lakers were eliminated everyone proposed outlandish trades that are unlikely to happen. The Lakers are burned with large contracts ( Paul Gasol – 38 mil/ Kobe Bryant 65 mil/ Meta World Peace 14 mil) and will have very limited flexibility. Jerry Sloan as the itch to coach again, if the Lakers are smart they hire him as their new head coach and leave the current roster intact. What do you think?

    • theshopblog says:

      I never really liked the hiring of Mike Brown.However, this is his first year in a shorten season. But the current roster does need another athletic slasher that can guard players like Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker, etc. Gasol/Bynum/Bryant is a core that can’t be replicated and still causes match up problems. I am for the D-12 for Bynum trade even though that won’t fix the lakers roster woes. Your thoughts?

      • I believe the Lakers need an infusion of youth, I think they should see if Bynum could fetch them the #1 in the upcoming NBA Draft. If the front office uses the amnesty clause on Metta World Peace and pair Gasol with Anthony Davis and resign restricted free agent Jordan Hill the team has added depth at the four, gotten younger, and moved Paul to the five position where he ll be a match up nightmare. I really enjoyed your blog do you mind if I include you in my blog roll? I also wanted to know if you could include me in your blog roll as well. What do you think of my dream scenario?? Is Bynum worth the #1 pick

      • theshopblog says:

        Great points…I don’t know what a blog roll is. But I can include you in my blog roll and vice versa.

        Anthony Davis on the lakers is definitely a dream scenario. Bynum is still worth a first round pick. But a #1 pick? Knowing Mike Jordan’s past of questionable decisions, I don’t even think that he would go for it. Lol

        Pau at the 4 spot should be a match up problem. I think that the key is getting Lamar Odom back. He can play the 3,4 and 5 spot in certain small line-ups .

        Jordan Hill is definitely a must to resign. The lakers do need a youth movement. But they need an identity first to acquire the right type of young players. Ramon Sessions is a nice upgrade at the point guard. However, he can’t guard tony Parker, Russell Westbrook and Ty Lawson.

      • Ty Lawson is a restricted free agent and would be a wonderful addition to the Laker squad. I believe it is a foregone conclusion that Metta World Peace will be amnestied

      • theshopblog says:

        Ty Lawson would be a great upgrade to guard Russell Westbrook, Tony Parker, etc. I don’t think that it would happen without being a sign and trade deal. I don’t see Denver letting Ty Lawson go for any of the lakers starting five and except Kobe.

        I’ve heard that if nets can’t land D-12 that a possible sign and trade with Deron Williams and Brook Lopez for Andrew Bynum and Ramon Sessions.

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