Download Carpe Diem II Mixtape

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Sports

Download Carpe Diem II Mixtape

He’s an MD and he can rap? Sounds like a gimmick to you. Well, after listening to Fly Boy Vet’s latest mixtape, Carpe Diem II, he will prove you wrong. He is no gimmick. He is just a focused wordsmith from Nashville, TN that just so happens to be pursuing his dream to be a pediatrician by studying at the historical Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. 
Carpe Diem II is the mixtape’s title. It is the second iteration of Fly Boy Vet’s first mixtape that started it all. Carpe Diem is a Latin phrase that means ‘seize the day’  and you can hear this theme throughout the mixtape. The mixtape starts off with “All 4 One,” where Fly Boy Vet flows in great detail about his loyalty to his family, friends and the city that dons the 615 area code. The mixtape continues with the smooth vibe track called, “Doing me,” where Vet abstains from following the norm and prefers doing things his own way.
“Talking Dat” featuring YP Music is another notable track that displays Vet’s ability to swag it out and keep the listener hype at the same time. “One Day at a time” describes the trial and tribulations that we overcome in life serenaded by the vocals of Robyn Raynelle. Moreover, “BMW” shows range with a message of excitement about being a black male working legally and the accompanying struggle. Vet also has his ode to his crew on the track entitled “4Life” with DBIII. 
The mixtape also includes “You got me ” featuring eloquent vocals of AR WritHER and “What you want”  to round out the love ballads and slow jams specifically aimed at the female audience.
We here at the Shop were impressed with the production for this project, which was handled organically by Broadway (@Broadway615), Drum-Right (DrumRightOnIt ),Omar, and Wann-D (@WannD).   
This is a great mixtape from a lyrical, production, and delivery standpoint. I’d give this 5 mics if we were the source. 


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