Auburn Fans. Will Auburn Fire Gene Chizik? 1 Important Thing To Note First

Posted: October 31, 2012 in College Football, Sports

The Auburn Tigers are 1-7. The 1 win coming against the only so called “cupcake” on their schedule which in retrospect wasn’t much of a cupcake at all, Louisiana-Monroe. Without the 3-point overtime nail biting victory, the Auburn Tigers would be looking at a winless season heading into the New Mexico State game this Saturday. Auburn’s other non-conference early season foe was Clemson which they lost, 26-19. So it is not like Auburn lost to a true cupcake in their run to a 1-7 season thus far. But fans in Auburn, Alabama, 160 miles away from Tuscaloosa do not care about the integrity of scheduling non-cupcakes and not getting wins. Hindsight is 20-20, but Gene Chizik would have been better off scheduling the famous “Sisters of Mercy” to start the season instead of Clemson. At least he would have 2 wins by now instead of 1. But that didn’t happen and Auburn has only one win.

Texas A&M gave Auburn it’s 7th loss last Saturday as Johnny Manziel aka “Johnny Goode” aka “Johnny Football” passed for 260 yards and rushed for 90 yards while passing and running for a combined 5 touchdowns in a 63-21 beat down of the Tigers. Auburn hasn’t lost a game that bad since 1917. People in Auburn want Chizik fired immediately. But there is at least one financial restraint hindering or at least slowing down the process. Gene Chizik’s buyout drops from 10 million to 7.5 million on December 1st. Now you say that is only one month away. Well remember that Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas may also be looking for new head coaches. And that is just in the SEC. The market is good right now for new head football coaches heading into next year. Aubun will need to make sure to balance their holdout until Chizik’s buyout is reduced with judging the landscape of the coaching market in football. There will be good jobs available and there may not be enough good (‘good’ being the key word) head coaches to obtain all of the jobs. Auburn will want to make sure they land a good head coach to the right the ship.

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