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Who is going to win the Super Bowl? The question that is asked at the beginning of every NFL football season. Everyone has an opinion and perhaps the 2nd week of the season isn’t exactly the best time to pick who will win the Super Bowl but its always a fun thing to do. And of course… pick is right.

I’ll start in the AFC first. After watching 1 week of regular season football, I am confident to say that here is how the top 6 will finish in the AFC.

1. Baltimore, 2. New England, 3. Denver, 4. Houston, 5. San Diego, 6. Pittsburgh. Business as usual huh. Here is how the Wild Card will go. In a rematch, Denver beats the Steelers in Denver & Houston beats San Diego. Next is the Divisional Playoff. And look what we have….Manning vs Brady 10 (or at least it seems like this will be the 10th time these 2 QB’s would have met in the Playoffs). In this edition of the rivalry, Manning goes into New England with his new team and his new defense and beats Brady and the Pats. The next game is Houston at Baltimore. Baltimore in a blowout. Houston is just happy to be there. Finally, we have the AFC Championship Game. Denver at Baltimore. Baltimore does not let last year repeat itself and on this year, they get the job done. Baltimore wins and represents the AFC.

Now comes the hard part….the NFC. The Saints, Giants, and Packers all lost in week 1. But here is how they will finish.

1. San Francisco, 2. New Orleans, 3. Dallas, 4. Green Bay, 5. NY Giants, 6. Atlanta. Where is Detroit you ask? Their division is just simply too tough for them to get out of there alive. Now the Wild Card…Dallas blows out Atlanta & Green Bay defeats the Giants in OT. The Divisional Round will end with Dallas going to New Orleans only to see Romo have his usual playoff bad game. Saints over Dallas. Green Bay is on a mission after getting revenge on the Giants. They travel to the Bay area and take care of business against the 49ers. NFC Championship Game: Green Bay vs New Orleans. I have to go with Green Bay here. Home field advantage this time does not help New Orleans and Rogers leads the Packers back to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl: Baltimore vs Green Bay

Baltimore’s defense steps up its game and holds Rogers at bay while Joe Flacco gets the monkey off his back. Baltimroe Ravens are the Super Bowl Champions. Ray Lewis retires. haha